As a post graduate lecturer at the University of Sydney, Maree can apply that experience into your customised workshop:

  • Independent, objective workshop facilitation
  • Pre-prepared with the sponsor
  • Structured content combined with relaxed activities to obtain the required information and discussions
  • Inclusive and collaborative style
  • Summary report with outcomes from the workshop
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Maree has experience working for the following organisations:

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Our workshops are practical experiences for the participants; custom designed to your requirements.

Workshop facilitation is a key part of project planning, whether it is for a detailed planning session or a risk analysis, or simply to work through an issue as a team. An independent facilitator to drive the team through their thoughts and arrive at the best outcome is crucial.

Detailed Planning Workshops: typically done at the beginning of a project (waterfall or agile can be catered for) to provide support to a project plan, or delivery plan.

Risk Analysis Workshops: typically done in the planning phase to gather risks from the stakeholders and determine a group consensus on impact and probability of each risk. Mitigation strategies can then be assessed as well.

Issue Management Workshops: if you need objective guidance in unpacking the cause of recent issues, and how to tackle their resolution, a group workshop can work through this without emotional involvement.

Post Implementation Review Workshops: after the completion of your project, we can conduct a review of the project to assess if the objectives were met, and to what extent. We also review the lessons learned.

Professional, polished, and practical, we aim to provide clarity in our workshops and work objectively towards an unbiased outcome.


‘ I have worked with Maree on Infrastructure projects since 2012. She works well with all the different stakeholders from the executives to the help desk staff, showing an appreciation of all the roles involved. She manages the formalities of a project with confidence, and brings clarity and common sense to the work.’ Gokhan Arik, Sydney.


Workshops which have been completed successfully include the following:

  • Post Implementation Review on a CRM project for Gradability
  • Post Implementation Review on a Citrix Cloud environment build for Stockland
  • Risk Assessment Workshop on a network equipment replacement for Reserve Bank of Australia
  • Issue Management Workshop on a virus outbreak for Multiplex
  • Planning Workshops during all project work conducted, as part of the planning and design phase

In addition to workshops, our director, Maree Gable, lectures in post graduate IT project management classes at Sydney University.

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