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Amareo specialises in IT project management with a focus on providing clarity, and applying common sense to formal methodologies and practices. Projects can be managed in traditional waterfall or agile approaches, or a combination of both.

Engaging in an independent project manager can provide the separation required from an existing team to move a project through the required stages quickly, and professionally. All our engagements include the basic project management functions of setting up and running a weekly project meeting, including corresponding action, issue, and risk registers. For those projects or programs needing more with respect to governance, a premium service is available to provide the over-arching strategic documents for the project. This premium management also includes preparations necessary for a steering committee.

While in the planning stage of the work, we include a project plan (in a pre-determined format) as a deliverable at the conclusion of the 3 months. For subsequent 3 monthly engagements, the deliverables are determined based on the requirements of the project, and are agreed together.

Workshop facilitation is a key part of project planning, whether it is for a detailed planning session or a risk analysis, or simply to work through an issue as a team. An independent facilitator to drive the team through their thoughts and arrive at the best outcome is crucial. Our basic and premium packages include workshop facilitation but this can also be arranged as a separate one-off workshop.

Professional, polished, and practical, we aim to provide clarity in the current state and in the future state through plans that are only as complicated as they need to be.


‘ I have worked with Maree on Infrastructure projects since 2012. She works well with all the different stakeholders from the executives to the help desk staff, showing an appreciation of all the roles involved. She manages the formalities of a project with confidence, and brings clarity and common sense to the work.’ Gokhan Arik, Sydney.

‘I have been working with Maree for around 2 years now, as Chairman of our ski club. I could see we desperately needed to update our processes and systems and move our club into the new digital era. Maree has managed to setup our new website and customised booking system in the time agreed, and without exceeding our budget. She kept us all informed of the progress along the way, and any issues which were being worked through. As a club, we are very pleased with the outcome.’ Allison Ward, Sydney

‘I have known Maree for about 8 years. She has a practical approach and an eye for detail that have seen her deliver time and time again’ Stuart Hamilton, Sydney

Projects which have been completed successfully before include the following:

  • Data centre relocations
  • VMware migrations
  • SAN upgrades
  • Office relocations
  • Citrix environment design and build
  • Azure environments design and build
  • SOE refreshes
  • Firewall fleet replacement and upgrade
  • VOIP and phone queuing system installation
  • Office365 environment setup and migration
  • Network cutovers
  • Telecommunication cutovers

The scale and budget of these projects varies – from multi million dollar projects with very dedicated project teams and tight deadlines to projects run out of operational budgets and shared resources.

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