How often is the project manager onsite?

This is arranged as required by the client and based on availability of the key participants. As a general guide, the weekly meeting is conducted onsite, as are the one-on-one meetings, and any workshops scheduled. The project manager will not require a full time desk or computer at your office.

How do we contact the project manager?

Your project manager will be available via phone, and also via email during standard business hours. If required, meetings can also be held in person at the Amareo office in the Sydney CBD.

Can we switch between plans?

Yes, the work will adjust depending on the project, and we can adjust with you. Any changes are best made at the end of each month, in order to allow for schedules to be updated

If we have an agile project, is the daily stand up run by the project manager?

No, this is run by a nominated team member, usually a team-appointed leader, or a scrum master. The project manager can participate as an observer, and will provide direction and advice via the weekly meetings

Is there status reporting?

The project manager will assist the team with compiling necessary update reports by providing content for issues, risks, plan key dates etc Reporting requirements can be discussed as per the needs of the project and the sponsor, as this differs for each team and organisation